7 Tips for Hosting a Safe and Secure Party This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, many people are planning gatherings of family and friends. Most hosts are concerned about having enough food or drinks, but there are other important issues to consider. Hosting an event creates the risk of a variety of liability issues, and here are a few tips to keep your events safe for you and your guests.

  1. Use Non-Flame Candles for Decoration. Burning candles can cause serious personal injuries and property damage if they are knocked off of a shelf or if flammable material, such as wrapping paper, is carelessly tossed over an open flame. Play it safe by using battery-operated candles for décor instead of traditional ones. They will still be beautiful and you will have one less thing to worry about.
  2. Promote Safe Driving. Alcoholic beverages are often served at holiday gatherings and can create liability issues for party hosts and danger to their guests. Tips to keep everyone safe include encouraging having designated drivers and stop serving alcohol an hour before the party is to end. Also, stop serving guests who are inebriated and be able to accommodate guests who cannot drive home.
  3. Keep Sidewalks and Driveways Clear of Ice and Other Hazard. You may be liable if someone becomes injured on your property due to poorly maintained walkways, decoration cords stretched across driveways, and other issues. Take extra care to avoid both common and seasonal hazards that could result in injury.
  4. Take Care With Pets. Avoid the risk of dog bites by securing your pet in a room that is off-limits to your guests. Isolation may also be a good option for cats, birds and other pets to reduce their stress and to make sure that they aren’t accidentally let out of the house as guests enter and leave.
  5. Protect Your Personal Belongings. Remove valuable, personal, and important papers from social areas of your event to keep them secure. Invite only people you know to the party and be savvy about keeping financial information, passwords and other data stored away from curious eyes.
  6. Remember Your Hosting Duties. Limit your own alcohol intake so you can focus on assuring that your guests enjoy a safe and fun experience at your home. Stay alert to potential problems, but still remember to have a good time.
  7. Review Your Insurance Policies. While this may sound like an odd thing to do prior to an event, your agent can help you understand potential risks and assure that you have the proper insurance coverage to address them if the need should arise.

Hosting a party, from a formal dinner to a cookout, is a fun way to bring together family and friends, but there are inherent risks. Plan ahead to avoid them and ensure that everyone has a wonderful time. Let the insurance experts at Alliance help make sure that you are prepared for your next event and everything that life brings your way.

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