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Information About Florida Medicare

Medicare is a government run service that provides health insurance for anyone over the age of 65, as well as some individuals who are younger but have specific disabilities. 17% of Florida’s citizens are currently enrolled in Medicare, compared to a national average of 14%. Florida Medicareoperates much like Medicare on a national level. For many elderly, Medicare can mean the difference between a comfortable financial situation and poverty.There are six main Florida Medicare providers: Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, Silver Script and WellCare. Medicare can be obtained through any of these providers, given that the qualifications for Medicare are met. Most eligible Florida residents will automatically be enrolled in standard Medicare coverage once they turn the age of 65. There is also an open enrollment period every year in April, May and June for those who have not been auto enrolled. This is a time period in which you can sign up for new types of coverage or change your existing coverage to better suit your current needs.There are multiple Medicare plans available, and the Medicare provider companies can aid you in selecting the best option for you. Medicare Advantage, otherwise known as Medicare Part C, allows you to select more advanced medicare policies tailored towards your needs. If this is not necessary, you can opt for the standard Medicare coverage. There are specific requirements that need to be met for many Medicare Advantage plans, so a Medicare service professional should be consulted. Over 900,000 residents in Florida are on a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Part D is probably the most well known component of Medicare coverage, as it covers prescription medications. Prescription medications can be life or death to some of Florida’s elderly. Florida Medicare is increasingly widely used because health in general in Florida has been poor. Because of these health issues, preventative care is being emphasized, meaning that coverage for preventative medicines and regular office visits has gone up.

Medicare isn’t a government charity service, but it is a right that any tax paying citizen has already paid into the government for. Medicare taxes are taken from both employer and employee every paycheck, which means that most of us pay into the Medicare system all of our adult lives. However, even if you have not paid into the Medicare system, the Medicare system is still available to you.

Medicare operates like most standard insurance, covering a percentage of hospitalization, doctor’s visits, prescription medications and various other medical treatments. Even if you already have other medical coverage, having Medicare as well can be beneficial to you in case your coverage runs out. Medicare prescription coverage is separate and can be used separately or not used at all.

Because Medicare covers a percentage of medical costs, there may be co-payments to doctor visits, medical services and prescriptions. Medicare Assistance programs are available for low income elderly citizens that need additional assistance in paying their medical bills. These assistance programs, if qualified for, can help cover your medical co-payments. Medicare Assistance needs to be applied for separately if it is needed. Florida also offers additional prescription medication plans, which can lower the cost of prescription medications further.

For more information about Florida Medicare, Florida operates the SHINE program (Serving the Insurance Needs of the Elderly), which offers counseling and guidance about the state’s Medicare program and additional assistance programs. These services are free to use for anyone who qualifies for Medicare, and can aid in making the appropriate Medicare coverage decisions. To contact SHINE you can call or write to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs.

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