Jun 6, 2012

What to do after a Flood?

What to do after a Flood? Start Getting Ready.

Now that Tropical Storm Debby has moved off the Florida coast now is the time to review the damage and get things back in order. The Hartford posted a great article below about what to do after a flood or flood conditions.

After the flood

• Check for structural damage before entering the 
• Watch for wildlife that may have chosen your 
property as a refuge to escape the floodwaters. 
• Determine that all electrical hazards are controlled. 
• Drain and clean basements. After the floodwaters 
have subsided, begin draining the basement in stages, 
about a third of the water volume each day. Pumping 
out water too quickly may cause structural damage. 
• Clean damaged property. Floodwaters may transport 
sewage and other hazardous materials. 
• Document the damage. 
• Begin salvage operations.


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