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What is a PEO and why do I want to use one?

A PEO is a Professional Employment Agency, a company that manages your company’s HR needs. Usually, a company has an HR representative or even an entire department devoted to fulfilling these requirements. PEOs handle complex tasks so you don’t have to!

How would my company benefit from using a PEO?

Companies are using PEOs because the complex laws of the HR landscape change quickly and often. PEOs prioritize adapting to these changing laws and implement the best practices across all services they offer. PEOs are also a lot cheaper than having an in-house HR department. Score!

What are some PEO services?

Payroll and workers’ compensation, benefits, training and development, risk/safety management, and recruiting are all some of the great services a PEO provides. PEOs negate the need for an internal HR department and take care of all of your HR needs! While your PEO is taking care of all of this for you, you are free to run your company.

How would payroll services benefit my company?

Our payroll services make life easier for you. When you outsource these services, you can focus on the bigger picture aspects of running a company. These services include the handling of complex payroll rules, 24/7 employer reporting through a web-based portal, on-demand payroll access for employees, and more.

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Here at Alliance, we believe that you should be able to have all of your insurance needs met in one place. Our commercial insurance policies are straightforward, affordable, and they keep your company covered all year long.

Let us do the complicated insurance stuff for you, and you can get back to work.