Nov 11, 2011

Home Insurance in Florida

Home Insurance in Florida – Finding the Right Company Often Takes Time and Effort!

It was the hurricane Andrew that has really put a stop on the business of home insurance in Florida. This natural calamity has affected the home insurance business in this part of the world like anything. Insurance companies have stopped their operation for offering home insurances. And now only a few registered or leading names are involved in this business. These insurance companies are only offering services to the existing home insurance owners. Before the hurricane, near about 500 companies were involved in this business and after that drastic situation, the number of Florida home insurance company is reduced to just 40. Among these 40 companies, you can find several new faces and names that are yet to get recognized in the market.

So, while all of these chaoses are happening in the market, what a homeowner can do to own the best Florida home insurance policy from these newly emerging service providers. So, it’s always better to look for the home insurance companies that are having all or most of the below mentioned details:


Look for the old companies that are still offering home insurance in Florida. They are surely more experienced in this field and now added enhanced systems in order to jot down better policies as well as process claims.

Financially stable:

While looking for such home insurance company in Florida, you have to offer importance to the following factors:

  • The concerned company should have a good financial rating
  • Huge surplus to pay the claims
  • Backup reinsurance from other companies that are equipped with higher rating

Diversification of risk:

The company’s policy base should be distributed equally with the most counties located in this State. Never opt for such home insurance company that is concentrating on a specific geographical location. If you can find such an insurance company that have an expanded policy base out of the state, then it’s always better for you to buy home insurance in Florida from them. You will get the discounts on the home insurance Florida in case, you stay with same insurer for 3 years & above. Loyalty discount increases more years that you stay put with same insurer. Discounts that you get to remain with the insurer are smaller than what you can gain by changing to other insurance company. To find out which is much better for you is simple. In case, you get & compare the quotes from some other insurers you can see what you will gain and lose by switching. Look at the policy limits each time you make the changes in home, the contents and routinely two times each year. You have to do this not to say but to make sure you have enough of coverage. Other side of coin is you can have much more coverage than it is beneficial. You have to know in case; valuable Persian rug is worth $25,000 that you insured, more and less.

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