Feb 2, 2013

Do you know how health reform will affect you in October of this year?

Florida: Health Insurance Exchanges


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Health Insurance Exchanges

State Decisions For Creating Health Insurance Exchanges in 2014, as of January 4, 2013View 50-State Comparison
Exchange Decision Default to Federal Exchange 19 Declared State-based Exchange
7 Planning for Partnership Exchange
25 Default to Federal Exchange
Federal Approval Status NA NA
Structure of Exchange NA NA
Type of Exchange NA NA
State Health Insurance Exchange Governance, as of December 12, 2012View 50-State Comparison
State has Declared a State-based Exchange NA 19 Yes
Total Board Members NA NA
Appointed Board Members NA NA
Ex-Officio Members NA NA
Board Conflict of Interest Provisions (as specified in Exchange legislation) NA NA
Total Health Insurance Exchange Grants, 2013View 50-State Comparison
Exchange Planning Grant Amount NA1 $45,008,109
Exchange Establishment Grant Amount NA $3,354,311,524
Early Innovator Grant Amount NA $126,301,945
Total Exchange Grant Amount NA $3,525,621,578

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